Partial list of 150 compositions by instrumentation (more to be added later)

Note: Recordings provided, on request, for performers and performing groups. Scores and parts available from the composer (Evocation Publishing at or through the Canadian Music Centre at

"Penny the Lyricist and Michael the Composer when they first met - 1986 (married 1988)"

"Our Second Wedding in Maui, Feb.2010-23 yrs. later"


Sonata for Flute & Piano 
Intermezzo for Flute & Harp 
Concerto #1 for Flute & Strings (Also Piano/Flute reduction) 
Concerto #2 for Flute & Stings (Also Piano/Flute reduction) 
Capriccio for Flute & Orchestra (Also Piano/Flute reduction) 
Forms for Five (Flute, String Trio, Piano) 
Duo for Flute & Bassoon
Elegy for Flute & Organ. (Also arranged for: Flute & Piano; Flute & String Quartet; Flute & String Quintet; Flute & String Orchestra; Flute & Guitar) 
Duo for Flute & Bassoon
Perspective for Flute & Organ
Woodwind Quintet
Evocations for Flute, String Trio and Orchestra 
Three Plus One for Flute & String Trio 
Generations for Flute & Piano 
Collage (a.k.a Columbia Collage) for Flute & Piano 


Vancouver Variations (Oboe Concerto) 
Mirage for Oboe, French Horn & Organ
Woodwind Quintet
Farewell Diana (Oboe and Chamber Orchestra)


Clarinet Concerto (Also, Clarinet & Piano, Clarinet, Piano and Strings) 

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Duo for Flute & Bassoon
Three Plus One (Bassoon and String Trio)


Trumpet Concerto (First & Second Movements also reduced for Trumpet & Piano) 
Scherzo for Trumpet & Organ  
Take Each Day (Trumpet, Soprano & Organ)


Cantilena for Horn & Piano 
Remembrances for Horn & Piano 
The Colours of Space (Horn & Orchestra)

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The Flight of Aphrodite (Violin Concerto) Also reduced for Violin & Piano 
Two Lullabies for Violin solo
Duo for Violin & Cello
Capriccio for Violin & Orchestra (Also reduced for Violin & Piano) 
Canticle for an Angel (Violin & Piano) Also for Violin, Piano & Strings 


Counterplay for Viola & Strings (Also in Piano/Viola reduction) 
Point No Point for Viola & Strings


Cello Concerto
Ballade for Cello & Piano
Beyond Time (Cello Solo)
Capriccio for Cello & Orchestra

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Contours for Double Bass, Harpsichord & Strings 


Capriccio for Saxophone (Alto) and Orchestra 


Concerto for Piano & Chamber Orchestra (Also, Two Piano Version) 
Concert Piece for Organ, Piano & Timpani
Capriccio for Two Pianos 
Concerto Festiva for Two Pianos (Also for Two Pianos & Orchestra) 
Prelude & Scherzo for Two Pianos (also for Two Pianos & Orchestra; also Piano Four Hands) 
Piano Sonata 
Piano Trio 
Piano Variations (Solo Piano)
Dichotomy (Solo Piano)
Four Piano Pieces (Solo Piano)
Rainforest Suite (Solo Piano) 
Piano Solo
A Romantic Fantasia for Solo Piano (Solo Piano)
Moment Joyeux (solo piano)
Piano in Rags (solo piano)
Susie (solo piano)
Ginnie's Theme (solo piano)
A Theme for Antonio (solo piano)

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Concerto for Harp & Orchestra 
Siguiriya for Harp & Orchestra (Last movement of Harp Concerto) 
Intermezzo for Flute & Harp 


Sinfonia for Strings 
A Gabriel Faure: In Memoriam 
Baroque Diversions
Pacific Suite 


Fantasie for Organ 
Moment Joyeuse
Elegy for Flute & Organ 
Scherzo for Trumpet & Organ
Mirage for Organ, Trumpet & Horn (Also for Organ, Oboe & Horn.)

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En Rapport for Two Guitars
Elegy for Flute & Guitar


String Quartet #1
Piano Quartet
Three plus One (Flute & String Trio)
Piano Trio
Flute Sonata
Ballade for Cello & Piano
Concert Piece for Brass
Fanfare for Brass
Cantilena for Horn & Piano
Concerto for Clarinet (Piano & Clarinet reduction)
Capriccio for Violin & Piano
Capriccio for Horn & Piano
Capriccio for Flute & Piano
Capriccio for Cello & Piano
Capriccio for Clarinet & Piano Five Epigrams for Woodwind Trio (Flute, Clarinet & Bassoon)
Duo for Bassoon & Flute
Duo for Cello & Flute
Elegy for Flute & Piano
Intermezzo for Flute & Harp
Generations for Flute & Piano
Music for Six Players: Flute, Oboe, Violin, Viola, Cello & Harpsichord
Capriccio for Two Pianos
Seven Wonders (Soprano & Piano) Song Cycle
Reflections (Flute, Cello & Piano with optional wordless choir)


Flute Concerto #1 (Solo Flute & Strings)
Flute Concerto #2 (Solo Flute & Strings)
Clarinet Concerto (Solo Clarinet, Piano & Strings)
Counterplay (Viola & Strings)
Sinfonia for Strings
Contours for Double Bass, Harpsichord & Strings
Elegy for Flute & Strings
Point No Point for Viola & Strings
Some Summertime for Flute, Piano, Harp & Strings
Reflections on a Lost Dream

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Symphony #1 "Highland" 
Symphony #2
Through the Lions' Gate 
Washington Square 
Cinderella: Frozen in Time 
Chanson Joyeuse 
Celebration Canada  
A Challenge for the Future 
Pacific Suite 
Introduction & Fugue
O Canada (arrange)


A Psalm for Our Time (Also available for SATB and Piano) 
Dialogues for Choir, Baritone Solo and Orchestra
O Canada (arrange)


A Hymn to Life (SATB & Organ)
Carol (SATB a capella)
Come Make the Music (SATB, Organ, Piano & Bells)
Fantasia on Two Folk Songs (SA, Piano & Orchestra)  
Also available for Piano and Elementary Choir)
The Web of Life. SATB & Piano
Street Scenes. Men's Choir, Piano and snare drum. 
On the First Day of Christmas SATB
Alleluia. SATB & Piano

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Four Songs for Ann (Soprano/Alto and Orchestra)
Rita Jo, A Tone Poem (Soprano/Alto and Orchestra)
Eve of the Garden (Soprano and Orchestra)
O Canada (arrange)


Five Lyric Songs (Soprano & Piano)
Seven Wonders (Soprano & Piano) (Song Cycle)
The Unattainable: A Song Cycle (Soprano & Piano)
Six Songs for Mezzo Soprano
Go Forth. Soprano, Alto & Piano


Christmas Cheer (Unison voices with Orchestra)
Alleluia (SATB & Piano)
On the First Day of Christmas
Abby's Magic Christmas (Narrator and Orchestra)
Fanfare for Expo.
Fanfares from Cinderella: Frozen in Time
Fanfare #3
Fanfare for Brass
Fanfare #1
Fanfare #2
O Canada (arrange)

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Concerto for Piano & Chamber Orchestra
A Struggle for Dominion (Piano & Orchestra)
Harp Concerto
Clarinet Concerto (Full Orchestra; or with Strings & Piano)
Concerto #1 for Flute & Strings
Concerto #2 for Flute & Strings
Oboe Concerto "Vancouver Variations"
Trumpet Concerto "Summit Concerto"
Double Bass Concerto "Contours" Bass Solo, Strings & Harpsichord)
Violin Concerto "The Flight of Aphrodite" Solo Violin & Chamber Orchestra)


Chanson Joyeuse (Concert Band with Piano) 
The Mountains (Concert Band with Piano) 
Ballet Mechanique (Concert Band) 
March for Trumpet and Concert Band
Cantilena for Trumpet and Concert Band 
O Canada (arrange)

SONGS (Lyrics by Penny Anne Baker)

Recordings available. Some sheet music also available.

Far Away 
Love May Not Stay 
We Are the ABCs of Life 
All Around the World 
A World of Opportunity
Where is the One?  
The Web of Life 
He was the One
A New Way to Win 
The Light of Love
The Road Home 
Christmas Cheer
Take Each Day Anew

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Note: Recordings provided, on request, by performers and performing groups. Scores and parts available from the composer (Evocation Publishing at or through the Canadian Music Centre at

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