Third Movement of Harp Concerto ("Siguiriya")

Harp Concerto (8.7 MB) MP3 (Performed by Elizabeth Volpe with the VSO)

*** Those interested in hearing the whole concerto on .mp3 should contact the composer by email. Also, for those interested in performing this work, .pdf files of scores and parts are available on request from the composer at no charge from

What people are saying:

Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful, accessible harp concerto. I was rather hesitant when I saw a harp concerto by a contemporary composer was on the program of one of the evening concerts of the 11th World Harp Congress. But I had no reason to be hesitant. It was GORGEOUS! The melodies, the rhythms -- all fantastic. And I loved the way your concerto showed the harp without showing off the harp. The harp was just an intricate part of the whole -- and shone beautifully through the arrangement. It was absolutely brilliant. And the audience agreed, giving the concerto and the beautiful performance of it a standing ovation.

Thank you for writing something contemporary that the audience could understand and appreciate. (And, I should point out, an audience of musicians -- harpists from around the world -- who have heard it all.) We will definitely work toward getting it on the international competition circuit. It deserves to be played on the world stages.

You did Canada proud. And of course the performer was amazing, too.

Thank you so much!

Lori Pappajohn
Winter Harp Director
World Harp Congress Host Committee member

I just wanted to say thank you for being at the rehearsals and the concert for my performance of your harp concerto. I'm very pleased that I had the opportunity to perform it, and with a fantastic orchestra at that! I had many compliments about the piece and every harpist I talked with LOVED the piece and many wanted to learn it! I told them I wasn't sure where they could order it, but I said they could contact you for the music. It was a great experience and great to meet you! Thank you!

Kristan Toczko

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