"Elizabeth Volpe, harp and Christie Reside, flute with Michael"

Encores Aug 11/2019 Michael Conway Baker Mount Seymour
United Church
MCB with Christine Lin March 5/2015 Canticle for an Angel West Vancouver
Memorial Library
MCB with Christine Lin March 7/2015 Canticle for an Angel Parkgate Library,
North Vancouver
Debra Harris March 15/2015 Elegy St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Medford
MCB April 2/2015 Tribute West Vancouver
Memorial Library
Augustin Wright April 7/2015 Capriccio for Solo Piano Kiwanis Concerto Competition
TBA April 8/2015 Canticle for an Angel TBA
Corktown Chamber Orchestra April 9/2015 Harp Concerto Toronto, Ontario
Sinfonia Orchestra April 11/2015 Through the Lions Gate Centennial Theatre
Kamloops Symphony Orchestra April 17&18/2015 Forms for Five Kamloops, BC
Symphony Orchestra April 26/2015 Torch Relay for the opening ceremony of the European Games (TV/Internet) London, England
MCB & Augustin Wright May 7/2015 Chopin West Vancouver Library
Pro Arte Ballet school May 8/2015 Through the Lions' Gate Kay Meek Theatre
The Ambleside Orchestra May 22/2015 Schonbrun Waltz Mount Seymour United Church
‘UNICEF Benefit Concert Mulgrave students May 31/2015 We Are the ABC’s of Life Vancouver Academy
of Music
Terrace Symphony Orchestra June 15/2015 Flute Concerto Terrace, BC

Check out these videos of the above January 27th Tribute concert on youtube:

Capriccio for Two Pianos (Jan.27th Tribute to 75th Birthday Concert)
Flute Sonata Scherzo movement (Jan.27th concert -Tribute to 75th Birthday)
Elegy for Flute and Piano (Jan.27th - Tribut to 75th Birthday Concert)
Aurora String Quartet (Jan.27th Tribute to 75th Birthday Concert)
song "He's Gone" (Jan.27th Tribut to 75th Birthday Concert)
Canticle for An Angel (Jan.27th Tribute to 75th Birthday Concert)
Remembrances for French Horn & Piano (Jan.27th Tribute to 75th Birthday)
Four Piano Pieces (Jan.27th Tribute to 75th Birthday Concert)
Sonata for Piano in one movement (Jan.27th Tribute to 75th Birthday)
Concerto Festiva for Two Pianos (Jan.27th Tribute to 75th Birthday Concert)

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